Realization and It’s Methods

The mechanical
that play in my mind do
no more belong to me than the roaring of the sea.
Both are movements in the Universal,
both enter into my consciousness from the outside.
Yet in my egoistic ignorance I
identify myself with those thoughts; thus,
my consciousness becomes clouded,
and I am cut off from the higher Light.

So with the movements in the vital and the
physical; they come from the outside, and through
my identification with them obstruct
the descent of the higher Power and Joy.
There is something in me which still takes
an interest in these movements; there is still such
obscurity in me as identifies me
with these movements; there is still much
inertia and weakness in me,
and I cannot always watch,
discriminate and reject these
movements of the lower Nature.

But as Thy ananda descends into me,
the lower play diminishes in interest.
Remove this ignorance and this
weakness completely from me, Mother;
give me more and more of
Thy Light and Joy, and keep me occupied
with Thy service, so that I may
rise completely out of this lower life,
and Thy divine rule may
be established in me.

* * *
The outward-going habit of the mind makes
us liable to all sorts of disturbances;
if only we can keep our mind always turned
inwards to Thee, Mother, and habituate ourselves
to receive all our ideas and
inspirations from Thee, we shall be
firmly established in calm and peace,
which is the indispensable condition of all progress.

The outward running of the senses opens the
door to the hostile forces, and constantly makes us liable
to attack from the outside; if we can
draw our senses inward and turn them to Thee,
Mother, we shall taste the immortal joy which will enable
us to conquer all temptations in the world.

The blind inertia of our physical nature
makes us yield to influences of all kinds
from the outside, and thus places us at the
mercy of the evil forces; if we can open our will to
Thee, Mother, and keep it alert with Thy light and
power, nothing will be able to move us,
except an impulse coming directly from Thee.

To open our whole nature to Thee, Mother,
to check all outward tendencies in us, to constantly
aspire to the higher life in Thee, to resolutely
reject everything that is impure and undivine,
undisturbed by all failure, undaunted by
all difficulties however great or serious, —
that is our sadhana which will steadily
advance us towards the Life Divine.

* * *
To rise above all human
imperfections is the most
difficult task that has ever been set before man.
It is only under Thy direct guidance and protection, Mother,
only by Thy special Grace that
we can hope to attain that great achievement.

It is not sufficient that we have the right intention
to reject all falsehood and accept only the Truth; we must
strenuously carry it out in every detail at every moment of our life.
Few men deliberately intend to be bad but hell,
it is said, is paved with good intentions.

It is not sufficient that we refuse to invite the evil
or even be unwilling to tolerate it; but there must not
be any slackness in us to reject it integrally.
Evils often come to us unasked and uninvited,
and humbly seek a little shelter in some
obscure corner, promising absolutely to do no harm.
But if suffered thus to remain, they will grow in silence
and obscurity, and one day rob us of all our treasure.
We must resolutely prevent anything untrue
or undivine even from approaching us.
But how many can do this? Only those who have Thy special
protection can hope to achieve this victory, great Mother.

Thou wilt show up whatever is untrue or undivine in us;
Thou wilt give strength to our will to reject
it integrally and persistently; Thou wilt support us
with Thy infinite forbearance and love;
only then can we hope to conquer all our imperfections
and rise to the divine life, which is our destiny.

* * *
It is no use worrying over the old
movements that still persist in us;
they will continue until our nature
is fully transformed. We should calmly
watch them as a part of a universal movement, persistently
reject them as they occur in us, and wait in silence
and perfect faith for the Grace of the Mother
to conquer them completely.

But we must always remember that these
old ignorant movements in the mental, the vital, and the physical,
make us liable to the attack of the forces of falsehood.
We should have sufficient strength of
will always to deny them and resist their hostile suggestions;
we should never allow ourselves to be careless or indolent as long
as the rule of the Mother is not fully established in us.

We cannot altogether give up our thoughts
and feelings and works; Nature will have her way.
The best course is to connect all our movements,
all our life with the Divine Mother.
When we think, we should pray for her
light to illumine our mind; when we work,
we should pray for inspiration from her. At all times we
should be able to turn towards the Mother.

This must be our ideal,
in whatever we do or think or feel we should
try to keep in touch with the Mother.

Thus, we shall grow in faith and surrender,
in peace and purity, and the Mother gradually
descending into us will take up all our activities,
all our life, and we shall attain the highest transmutation.

* * *
Let my aspiration ceaselessly
rise towards Thee, Mother;
let me resolutely turn away from the lower life.

I will not tolerate indolence or laziness in me; on the other hand,
I will not allow myself to be carried away by the restless craving for work.
Always alert for Thy service, I will look up to Thee for inspiration,
and whatever work Thou givest me I will do as
Thy instrument regardless of consequence.

I will not tolerate any obscurity or
darkness in me but I will not allow the restless
activity of the doubting, reasoning
mind to make my confusion worse.
I will always keep myself open to Thy light and call
it to illumine every obscure comer in me.

I will not discourage the yearning
of my soul for beauty and
love and joy; but I will firmly
withhold the outward running of the senses.
Freed from all egoistic hankering.
I will peacefully accept whatever joy comes to me through
Thy Grace; all the joys in the world that come to my lot,
I will accept as a divine gift from Thee.
Thus I will resolutely turn away from the lower nature and
ceaselessly aspire to the divine life that
Thou hast promised to me in Thy boundless love.




I sat within the lotus today,

its petals were perfectly pink and white,

its pillars stood in their fathomless glow

supporting the hemisphere of heaven;

one could see the form of the Idea

engendering the body of Time,

swirling into birth from the silence,

filling our lives with grace and beauty sublime.

Wings of the Sea
Rod Hemsell


Between two oceans
by Rod Hemsell


Between two oceans of light a golden river flows,
But where have you hidden your face?
Is your radiance veiled by the ocean and sky?

This little human figure standing on the shore
Is blinded by the blaze of your reflection,
But your brilliance is beyond the power of his gaze.

Even the golden orb of sun
Is a shadow of your luminous presence,
and your light that flows between the stars

Fills the boundless darkness with its glow -
The sparkle of heaven is dimmed by its radiance.
But where have you hidden your face?

Are you there in the spray of glistening waves,
Is it you who have dressed in their whiteness?
Is it you that we hear when they break upon the shore?

Like Rumi on the shores of infinity,
I must wait with the patience of a seer,
For your rising like a moon within my soul!

My head is suddenly bowed by your appearance,
My vision blinded by your force of transcendence!
I am drowned in the depths of your motionless peace!

Awake at last in the ocean of your light,
My eyes are astonished by your gaze of delight!
I am uplifted by your tides, upborne on your lightning wings of love!


Being this rising...

by Rod Hemsell

Soul, heart, mind, speech
How you give yourself
To tree and sky and wind
And spread like them
Beyond the realm of sense
And feel the force that
Moves them deep within;
Yet stand motionlessly still
Like a fire in every cell

Streaming in the stillness,
Being in the freedom of infinite will
Forming every particle of existence
In the body of its limitless self,
Embodying the worlds in light:
Flaming into feeling, birth and death
Pleasure and pain, blindness and seeing
Sameness and difference in Many and One,
Bowing in rose and stone,
Chanting the rising stream,
Flowing through every form,
Giving to each its meaning.


This Consecrated Hour

by James O’Dea


Do you not see them
the ashen ones, the grey ones,
the starving orphans, the seduced
the decimated specters of conflagration,
all the beings trampled in degradation
crowding our collective shadow
Go find them. In this, this
consecrated hour of human becoming
find your estranged,
your lost and abandoned family
and embrace them into the vital
marrow of your life.
Kiss them until the ashes of their
betrayal turn from grey to red
and the blush of love blows
the one soul, the one life of all.
Do you not feel them
the slicks of poison, the necrotic
the ocean’s dead-zones, the cancers,
the tumors
the die-offs, the daily extinctions
the breath of life suffocated on a
genocidal scale?
Do you not feel them in your own
flesh and blood?
Go heal the pain. In this, this
consecrated hour of human becoming
feel your rivers
your lakes, your mountains, feel
their freshness, their pure life
coursing your veins, opening
your heart to the one Mother,
the one soul, the one life of all.
Do you not know them
the guardians of the moment,
the secret listeners
the agents of truth, the instruments
of soul awakening—consciousness
raising—light resurrecting
power of transfiguration
in the center of your own compassionately
ripened awareness?
Go manifest this power. In this,
consecrated hour of human becoming
sing the communal choirs of collaboration
showering our wounded world
with the
divinely feted audacity to celebrate
the one soul, the one life of all.



Aeonic waves
by Rod Hemsell

Imagine aeonic waves
Rolling smooth stones into eggs,

Aspiring to become birds,
Incessantly turning and rolling their seeds.

Polishing pebbles with sunbright tides
Like spirit wombs of stone with heavenly wings.

There are such qualities too vast to see,
Things that can't be measured or counted;

There are powerful forces hidden from view
That the news on TV does not show us.

There are numberless beings unknown, unseen,
Other minds, other eyes, than ours, may discover.

Such seeing and knowing is rolling in waves
and turning in tides, ever shaping new forms of the Other.

Now imagine the beings who dreamed
All these worlds of beautiful trees and flowers,

Or delve even deeper and rise even higher,
Behold the turbulent seas, the mountains of fire

That gave rise to the world of courage and fear,
Of ignorance and hope, in this rough animal form we bear.

But clearer minds and brighter forms
Shall rise from calmer seas and flower in the stone.

Aeonic waves of truth, beauty, power and love,
Breaking on the shores of time gave to all its destiny here.


The Unseen Infinite

9-7-17 X9 Flare Auruoa

Arisen to voiceless unattainable peaks

I meet no end, for all is boundless He,

An absolute joy the wide-winged spirit seeks,

A Might, a Presence, an Eternity.

In the inconscient dreadful dumb Abyss

Are heard the heart-beats of the Infinite.

The insensible midnight veils His trance of bliss,

A fathomless sealed astonishment of Light.

In His ray that dazzles our vision everywhere,

Our half-closed eyes seek fragments of the One:

Only the eyes of Immortality dare

To look unblinded on that living Sun.

Yet are our souls the Immortal’s selves within,

Comrades and powers and children of the Unseen.


Sri Aurobindo


Divine Sight

by Rod Hemsell


My heart is now a lotus
of truth and beauty and light
the rising falling waves
of the mountain are my breath
the mirror of the sky
reflects the vastness of divinity
and a vision of delight
shines on every face
every flower grows brighter
with the sunlight from my eyes
and I hear in every heartbeat
the rhythms of infinity.
But now the winds of storm
bring clouds across my brow
and the fire in my blood
fills rivers, lakes and seas
with the power to awaken
from the falsehood and the dream
and rise above the petty human mind
with its aberrant little schemes
break its bonds and spread new wings
like a hawk on heaven's streams
and flame into crystal realms
of freedom, joy and love.





The Ideal
by Rod Hemsell

If we are going to envision a society, such as Hegel and Sri Aurobindo envisioned,
in which every human being is fulfilled on the basis of freedom, the freedom to be,
and the freedom to express in infinitely diverse ways the truths of ourselves and existence,
then we must also see that many of the structures of society and human behavior that exist
now will have to change. But for that to happen, the human being must change.
The outer and relational is a product of the inner. Changing the outer structures on the
basis of the rational mind will not change their essential constitution,
which in human society is fundamentally mental. It is an order based upon the ethical mind,
actuated by the practical mind. The limitation of Hegelian and Marxist thought was that,
for them, the structures of society could be changed and the Ideals
of freedom and right could be realized by the rational will.
Sri Aurobindo saw that until there is a transformation of this mental consciousness into
something higher, nothing in the external material world can change significantly.
Radical change can happen only after the new consciousness becomes a norm,
at least among a few. This follows the evolutionary law. Change always begins with one,
and then a few, then a family, and a society, until the new type finally fills a niche.
First there must be the ascent, the spiritual elevation of consciousness; then the descent
of the new principle and power; and then, finally, a transformation that makes possible
the advent of the “other”, which is not a mental being, but a supramental body, life, and mind .
This Ideal is symbolized in Savitri by Satyavan, the human soul, and Savitri,
the force of illumination that descends to transform consciousness. Satyavan speaks:

Once were my days like the days of other men:
To think and act was all, to enjoy and breathe;
This was the width and height of mortal hope:
Yet there came glimpses of a deeper self
That lives behind Life and makes her act its scene.
A truth was felt that screened its shape from mind,
A Greatness working towards a hidden end,
And vaguely through the forms of earth there looked
Something that life is not and yet must be.
I groped for the Mystery with the lantern, Thought.
Its glimmerings lighted with the abstract word
A half-visible ground and traveling yard by yard
It mapped a system of the Self and God.
I could not live the truth it spoke and thought.
But now the gold link comes to me with thy feet
And His gold sun has shone on me from thy face. ...
A strange new world swims to me in thy gaze
Approaching like a star from unknown heavens;
A cry of spheres comes with thee and a song
Of flaming gods. I draw a wealthier breath
And in a fierier march of moments move.
My mind transfigures to a rapturous seer.

A new book by Rod Hemsell
The Philosophy of Consciousness -
Hegel and Sri Aurobindo



How to measure the swirls between the stones:

Let your gaze relax into the width
and breadth of the stream that you see

Where you sit and listen to the crashing falls
above and below the wideness of your view

Gazing upon the ever-flowing patterns
ever-changing now within your vision

When your vision embraces their flow
and your stillness becomes their endlessly swirling change.

You are the smoothness of the stones
and the swirling patterns of vision and sound

You are the continuous moving swirls
that recur within the limits of your gaze

You are the stones that limit the water's flow
and give you the measure of its change:

Ever the same in the stillness of your gaze,
ever-changing in its foaming crashing flow;

In the sameness of stone and the water's continuous change,
you are the oneness and the difference that you know,

Like the difference between an enemy and a friend,
or the difference between a pleasure and a pain,

The positive and negative poles of experience
whose valences and reversals hold your vision steady

Unchanged by the river that flows between the stones
smooth and unmoving as the constant patterns of life,

When you step away and stand above the stream of time
Viewing all in the stillness of your unifying gaze;

The river swirls between the stones, forever the same,
revealing forever its constant patterns of change.

The stones will always be there directing the force of the stream
Like ideas in the riverbed of time, your life the current swirling between them.

Rod Hemsell


5 Smiles
(sumi ink w/color, and words, Seattle, May 2016)
Rod Hemsell

Smiles # 1 The Lotus Pond

See the frolicking lotus pond with its singing and dancing colors,
its shapes resembling nature's forms, yet nothing is really there but smiles,
in rice paper and ink tints, progenitors of delight and immortality,
yet gifts of the market place and fruits of cultural ages, of struggles
and turmoils these smiles cannot forget, in the view of one person,
sitting in a chair, seeing with hand and brush and pen ... illusions of illusions ...

Lotus smiles

Smiles # 2 The Elementals

See the vast and tranquil origins, the distant goals of life, the textures of illusion, the stillness and movement of creation ...

smiles #2 (3)

Smiles #3 The Mountain Path

Whatever turns we are given we take to find the lotus-heart of Truth
This is the rugged mountain path on the way to the Truth
This rushing mountain stream is the life-force of the Truth
These conflicting minds that cross are the harbingers of the Truth
Matter, life, mind, soul are the meaning and embodiments of the dream of the Truth

full view lotus

Smiles #4 The Northwest Buddha Moon

Just imagine how tranquil and luminous
this landscape would be without that dark turmoil we see.

Or, maybe, the absolute tranquility and the relative tranquility
need that wheel to link them, the cloud that veils and yet reveals to us the perfect luminosity ...

smiles #4 North West Buddha Moon

Smiles #5 The Three Purushas

See the Master as he stands on a ledge
slightly above the scenes of life below,
the forest beyond, the soft ascendant peaks,
equal to all, the master of the dance;

smiles #5 w_clouds

See the grove of life, with its close and kindred souls
standing tall yet able to bend, able to die;

See the liberated mind and heart sheltered by all around
yet held by none, peaceful and free, mirroring mountain and stream;

See the three purushas: involved in prakriti, liberated from prakriti,
master of prakriti, holding past, present, and future in his sway.

And see the smiles that these simple paintings revealed to me.


Shirley Claire Clark
( 1931 - 2016 )


Shirley tended our gardens as well as our hearts. Namaste dear one.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.32.50 AM



To Thee Homage


Pavita Bluedeer Decorah
April 15, 1937 - August 10, 2015

Gypsy's Ethereal Sun Pavita 1937-2015 IMG_0963

Our lives are made up of the paths and song lines we follow.
Pavita Decorah, who passed peacefully in her home August
10, followed a far reaching path of love and touched people with
her magic. She was born Karen Jean Brock April 15, 1937 in
Denver to John and Lois Brock. From there her life flowed, allowing
her to experience what many do not in the short span of time that we are here.

She married Aaron Miller in New York and they adopted their son Zack.
When Pavita and Zack went to India, Mirra Alfassa, known to her followers as
The Mother, and the spiritual collaborator of Sri Aurobindo, blessed
them and gave her the name Pavita meaning “purification” in
Sanskrit. Later she crossed the country from Maine to New Mexico
on a motorcycle and became one of the founders of the women’s
land community in Santa Fe (ARF).

She met and married Carl Decorah, a Ho Chunk Native and
member of the Native American Church. They lived with their
family and community, whom she loved, in Oklahoma and Wisconsin.

When Carl passed, she returned to Colorado where she
felt at home with this land under the enchanting sky that mirrored
her blue eyes. She remained a life long devotee of the Mother and
Sri Aurobindo, and it was Seyril, who founded Savitri House, who
helped bring Pavita to Crestone. She came with her beloved dog
Scottie and horse Ski Ski, and later brought Sandia here, who
has been a partner and companion for 40 years. The love she
manifested, her passion for justice and the community of women
was reflected back to her at the celebration of her life.

“You came into our lives and
made them better
You touched our hearts and
made them happier.”



Some poem-flowers given personally to the Mother from Rod Hemsell,
which she kept with her for many months.

O source of peace and light and bliss
O immortal shining flame
Kindle in us thy boundless truth and love
Make rich our offerings to thee
With thy radiance from above.
O bright morning chariot
O fountain of delight
Carry us into thy waters
And bathe us in thy light
Deliver us into the hands
Of the Mother of the Dawns
And her streams of glistening white.


O throned child of truth
O ray of blazing light
Reveal to us the secret of thy might
Lead us to the Master of the Universe
Establish for us the kingdom of delight.
Divine Mother, Supreme Power
Destroyer of desire
Blast the mountainous darkness from our skies
Melt the clouds of ignorance
With thy sweet and luminous fires
Transform us with thy all-perfecting energies.


O deep and glowing golden flame
O silent voice within
Awaken the world and speak the name
Let the new begin
Open the heart of every man
To the wonder of thy gleam
Mother of the dawn divine
Sing the word and bring the day supreme.
Ocean of oneness, Heaven of bliss
Realm of utter brightness
Descend to earth and fill the soul
With infinite peace and wideness
Press the ego out of existence
And end its evil reign
Pour down thy presence
On the trivial and inane.

Mother's Flowers

O Ineffable Will
O Goddess of Truth Eternal
Manifest in us thy conscious force
Let us work for thee
With a vision free and pure
To bring to birth the powers of the future.



The Mother had the following to say about consciousness:

The Mother

More and more I am convinced that we have a way of receiving
things and reacting to them that creates difficulties.

There are three categories: things in themselves, our attitude
toward things (those two always give trouble), and a third one
where absolutely everything is viewed with respect to the
Divine, in the Consciousness of the Divine - then all becomes
marvelous and easy!

When we live in the consciousness of the body and its ways of
reacting and receiving things as they happen - oh, what a misery!
When we live in the consciousness of others, their want, their need,
their relationship with us - what a misery! But when we live in the
Divine Presence, and the Divine does everything, sees everything,
is everything - then there is Peace, time has no weight, and
everything is easy.

Everything is a phenomenon of consciousness.
The crux of the problem is our human way of being conscious
versus the divine way of being conscious. That's the whole question.

It's the difference between an object and its projection.
Things essentially are, but we see them projected as if on a
screen, one after another.

In that divine Consciousness, things become almost instantaneous,
as it were. There is the exact sense of what we are supposed to
do, what we are supposed to be, and why we have been created.
All these terms together, complementing one another without any

The Mother, Notebook on Evolution, p. 255-257,
from Mother's Agenda, Dec. 25, 1971


Rod Hemsell

Water and fire (Limekiln Creek, Big Sur)

Limon Creek, Big Sur Redwoods Sate Park

The stones are alive!

Ocean in its slow movement
tries to achieve their stillness

But it is too vast, too deep

The stones explode in their stillness
and the river extinguishes their fire

Ocean breathes their radiance!

One and many (Big Basin, Bear Creek)

Bear Creek, Big Basin

In your massive stillness,
In this circle of giant trees
You are One.

In your circle of massive trees,
In your giant stillness
I am One.

Before your massive stillness,
In your circle of giant trees
I stand alone.

In this circle of stillness,
In every massive tree
We are One.

The human spirit

Human Spirit

The Spirit is the One in All
Absolute, immutable, self-existent
Power and beauty, harmony and truth
Already perfect within

While we rush about with good ideas
Judgments, hopes, desires, intentions
Somehow feeling and knowing,
Perceiving, interpreting, the oneness that can be

But self within and world without
Are disconnected and split apart
They are separated by the screen,
Our mind, our will, our actions we put between

Until the peace and force descend
Filling us with their limitless light
And we see That Self within
Already perfect, already complete, and One

And the world can then be held in love's embrace
Ever changing, rising and falling, opening, closing
Breaking apart, reuniting, growing and becoming
Forever, what it was and is and shall be, already done.



These stones have fallen from heaven
like giant pebbles strewn across the beach
waiting for time to grind then down
to marbles in her hand, infinite particles of sand

A crowd of solid glistening beings offering themselves
to ocean's constant pounding breathing pulse
At the mouth of life, on the edge of time
Remembering the fire that sleeps and wakes within

While on the hills above the sentinels stand,
uniting earth and sky, breathing ocean's foam
slowly absorbing, transforming, lifting from below
the elemental energies of water and fire and stone

And the infinite spirit that is and knows their source
Looks through human eyes, breathes with human hearts
Hears, and feels, in human souls, the radiance of stone
the ocean's throbbing pulse, the massive stillness of the One.


moon musing - winter 2015
epiphany to candlemas and beyond

Angel Mason

Moon Musing 02-15

 under the hoop of
metatron’s skirt i hover at the cross roads of destiny 

grail quest into living myth presented and engaged 
                               I N T E R FACE  IMPRINTED

d i m e n s i o n a l  turnstile of 
    electromagnetic transmission and reception revealed

   a roulette wheel of choice turns to evoke  d i c e r n m e n t 
   a bouncing merkabah floating in the air 
                     spins over
         holographic rainbows below

deceptively simple is this b l a n k  wall of white
embracing the landscape

ALL  and  N O T H I N G
the empty silence of winter’s mantle invites s t i l l n e s s 
                           cleansing and r  e  l  e  a  s  e 
s u s p e n d e d waters incubate renewal--- folding     itself
                                                                              TIME   upon
                                         S  E  E  D  I  N  G    SHAMBALA

TIAMAT returns her gaze back upon the faithful
the stirrings of spring fuel longing awakening desire
the white horseman moves north amongst  LEMURIAN treasures
the sleeping giants are rising calling the d r a g o n riders to return 

prismatic perception courts levels of truth manifesting as illusion

light pierces consensus reality shaking all from the amnesia of a limited existence 
GODdess is everywhere yet nowhere if not birth from w i t h i n    

                                  TO long  W I T H O U T

    the master library crystal is offered and received 
    mother gaia would have me know her primordial nature
             and calls the waters to rise 
    mother gaia would have me  r e m e m b e r  my own
             the waters rise to the call

every facet of potential has been stimulated ——
calibrated code activation 
every book of the akashic opened ——— synthesized signet engagement
stretched across the universe  ——   synaptic synergy of bi location
                         destiny’s definitive dharma delivered
puppeted in all manners of the glass bead game     around and around i turn
how many lifetimes    how many parallel universes     play through in this moment 
             upside down and backwards in the hall of mirrors   I AM
                     poised at the threshold of revelation
                   waiting the reprise of wisdom’s allegiance
                       suspended  in the house of mercy
               prostrate in prayer at the gates of LOVE

                    Dhumavati’s initiation

  i  know  ———   i know not
                          wisdom  before  knowledge
                             trust  before  doubt 
                imagination  before  rational distillation
                            truth  before  truth

                          the god’s own fool   AM I

ignorance’s righteous sense of purpose dissolves - exposing betrayal’s enlightenment

                      patterns peel           attachments undress
                i surrender all of my striving — suffering is GRACE


another wave of white invites a deeper 

                          e m p t y  p r e s e n c e
                     D  O     N  O  T  H  I  N  g 
 W A T C H   the turning of your mind
                    unwinding -a mighty web of distortion  
                    revealing - an arsenal of creative potency

 W A T C H   the turning of your
                    revealing - creative potency’s arsenal
                    unwinding - distortion’s mighty web
a waxing moon’s course offers internal reconciliation 
purged and confronted with isolation's confinement
b e l l o w s  dredge the branches of grief -

u n t y i n g  the  k n o t s
a crucible in fire forges a formidable freedom
t r a n s m u t i n g  the inheritance of loss  
      r e s t o r i n g  the blueprint of origin 
strength burns within  alchemizing the dross
       illuminated rainbow bridges calibrate 
all of my senses contract that i might stop to consider 

the spectrum of consciousness
                  where i am          where i am not 
                    who i am not   who i am
epiphany usher in the lords of time masquerading as the magi
multiple worlds collide - a flat line   
                                            a zero point   
                                            a scalar wave 
                             expands and penetrates LIFE 
through the fog a trio of RAVENS call me out into the dawn of a new day
each conscious step upon the earth invites a steady parade of familiars returning 
i see worlds within worlds reflected in every crystalline f r a c t a l of frost 
magically encasing every branch  leaf and blade of grass
this is no waist land  this is a threshold of paradisiacal invitation
     a  s i l e n t  frozen world of wonder  W A K E S
once more a call is put forth   IT IS TIME
      S T O P              D O    N  O  T  H  I  N  G 
ALLOW the leylines of your immortal soul to track into your h e a r t
a w a k e n  into  and  h o n o r   the promise OF GRACE
let the blueprint unfold — love and beauty be known
be not quick to forget this precious LIFE

F E E L   Y O U R   O W N   E X I S T E N C E and may you know the gift it is 


                  5 12 2014 2

These simple words form the message distributed today on occasion of the 64th anniversary of the
Mahasamadhi day, the day Sri Aurobindo left his body in 1950.



"One drew a large unburdened spacious breath
and the heart sped from beat to rapturous beat.
The voice of time sang of the Immortal's joy;
An inspiration and a lyric cry,
The moments came with ecstasy on their wings;
Beauty unimaginable moved heaven-bare
Absolved from boundaries in the vasts of dream;
The cry of the Birds of Wonder called from the skies
To the deathless people of the shores of Light."

(-Savitri- pages 123-124)


Sri Aurobindo and the Logic of the Infinite

Rod Hemsell




The word is a sound expressive of the idea. In the supra-physical
plane when an idea has to be realised, one can by repeating the
word-expression of it, produce vibrations which prepare the
mind for the realisation of the idea. That is the principle of the
Mantra and of japa. One repeats the name of the Divine
and the vibrations created in the consciousness
prepare the realisation of the Divine.

- Sri Aurobindo -


The  Mother's Light



Some embrace the essence of love

and some embrace her manifestations.

The enlightened soul is one with her entirely -

all her manifestations of sweetness,

her presence in all forms of existence,

and her infinite pure being of love

that brings to birth the universe.

Rod Hemsell








moon musing 2013 / lamas to samhain and beyond

Angele Mason

in void of dark night       when silence holds sway     i am no stranger to my nature
                    a veil parts realities facades and i slip through into the s p a c e between
                                                   BEING   and   N
congealed stardust and petrified light  REVIVIFY
               fluid finds motion and courses the corridors of vertebral coding
                          sparking consciousness - illuminating doors  
inviting   p o s s i b i l i t y 
  there was a time when the EARTH’S heartbeat sounded in the bottoms of our feet 
  we knew the pulse of the WORLD SOUL and our commitment to HER 
  She kept US standing in our TRUTH and our HEARTS alive
                                          the Master Gardener has spoken :
                                                     STOP PLANTING SEEDS OF DECEPTION 
                                                     STOP HARVESTING ILLUSION 
                                          the Fairy GodMOTHER speaks : 
                                                     DON’T GO BACK TO SLEEP

    and i wander   and i wonder 
        am i awake dreaming i am sleeping  OR  sleeping dreaming that i am awake 
        am i living in the present time or a memory 
        am i played or moved by my own volition            is there a difference

i have ridden out and fed the machine of material sublimation 
           commodified creative consciousness 
when will we cease to implement the motivations of our wounding 
when will i actually engage the subtle prompting of my own POWER
why must vision fade at the horizon of conditioned perception
how shall i restore FAITH in this
earthly gift of form  

CHOOSE to honor the signature of my DIVINE ESSENCE

i have lost the song of your soul that use to sing to me 
                                                     i need forgive the part of me that wish to depart
i relinquish this numbing mantle of loss and longing 
 i draw on the robes of vulnerability’s courage 

i hope instinct’s persistance is not delusions sacrifice 

               there is a mythical invitation at the source of all paradox
the eternal hidden in time 
an invisible force of NATURE  with it’s own intelligence and deep knowing 

                          HOLINESS SATURATES ALL REALITIES 
               for those with eyes to see     for those with ears to hear

it answers my grief   it calls me present and ask that i live this life as 

 SACRAMENT  for the goddess    
                           for this earth 
              a visible sign of invisible GRACE
to be spirited out of ordinary life into something with wings and
                      refocusing the aperture of E
i navigate the frontier of the invisible --------- transfiguring polarity 
i  f a l l  through the s u r f a c e into the ocean b e l o w
                           and in the depths of silence
                   a transcendental symphony  is building 
                        allied with visitations of BEAUTY  
                  conscientious realizations of the beyond 

i walk out  on the land awaiting the moment that it will walk me -
        s l o w e r  and  s o f t e r  become my footfall   
 deeper into the infinite my gaze       divesting myself of mental robotics 
             birthing myself into the poetics of PRESENCE 
                  awakening the
dragon and mystic within 

Angele 12-2013

“ animals cone to drink when night holds sway and the forrest is free of strangers “ RILKE 





Rod Hemsell

Mountain waves
climbing into crests
wait in timelessness,
frozen in space

Not a breath, not a stir
not a speck
to disturb this air
of stillness

Yet all time longs
for the moment,
for the form,
to arrive, to embrace.

The motionless spirit’s
vision slowly fades
into dusk,
into dawn

Unshaken, unfallen
awake to the glow
of an unchanging



Rick Thomas wrote:

"From the Glossary to the Record of Yoga: prana - (literally) breath, "the breath drawn into and thrown out from the lungs and so, in its most material and common sense, the life or the life-breath"; the physical life-energy (sthula prana); the "essential life force" (mukhya prana) which is said to "occupy and act in the body with a fivefold movement"; any one of the five workings of the vital force ( pancaprana), especially the first of the five, associated with respiration, which "moves in the upper part of the body and is preeminently the breath of life, because it brings the universal Life-force into the physical system and gives it there to be distributed"; the vital being or suksma prana; the vital principle, the second of the three principles of the aparardha, "a middle term between Mind and Matter, constituent of the latter and instinct with the former:, being in its nature "an operation of Conscious-Force {cit-tapas} which is neither the mere formation of substance nor the operation of mind with substance and form as its object of apprehension", but "rather an energizing of conscious being which is cause and support of the formation of substance and an intermediate source and support of conscious mental apprehension"."



Prose poem on mantra
Rod Hemsell

In the Kena Upanishad that we are considering, a great deal of attention is given to the notion of prana.
By what is the mind or the speech or the life breath moved forward in its path?
This moving forward is the action of the prana. The movement is carried forward by the prana.
Like many terms that appear in this Upanishad, throughout the history of Vedic Hindu psychology, there are many stages of development of these ideas. When Sri Aurobindo comments on the Upanishads,
he is doing it at the same time on Sankhya, Yoga and Vedanta. All these yoga teachings are acknowledged in the commentary on this text, which is near the origin of that tradition.
The way that he deals with it is not linear and systematic: we find a little bit on the prana here, there.
So to show and put together all the lines of thought that are here, seminal to the yoga of knowledge, requires a great deal of concentration and attention. This is not something we read once or twice, and at some point we realize that we did not understand anything; we only realize that it sounded so good.
Everything that Sri Aurobindo writes is like that: it sounds good but we do not understand anything. What he is speaking about here is what he is speaking about in Savitri and we can hear the difference. The passages about the supreme Word of the Brahman being translated into forms by the Devas
and eventually becoming accessible to the analytical mind
through the perceptions of the senses, he communicates in Savitri in a way
that prose writing and philosophy can not reveal.
That is the demonstration of the difference between mantra and shastra, it is sruti, the hearing/seeing of inspired truth. It is divine speech, the Word that creates.





Light on Life


The longest sentence in English poetry

SA 2012


Moon Musing 2013 Beltane to Lammas
Angele Mason

beauty's threshold 

there is a
gate offering passage to unseen horizons 
  awaiting the redeemer's crossing 
  awaiting the LIBERATED
  awaiting the calibration of resonant dimensions into form
  awaiting the soul centered heart's revival   

w i n d o w s  into worlds open and close in a heartbeat

   aligned connections or  d i s c o r d a n t distractions  
 PULSE with the breath of our intensions   
                                                                held  or   l o s t 

 m e r c u r i a l  beyond imagining is our walk upon this EARTH 

all is a dance in the seen and unseen intersections of energy
OUR actions    OUR words   OUR deeds
     our emptiness  
     our resistance 
  OUR letting go
dictate DESIRES and DESTINIES  manifested or  d i s s o l v e d
OUR conscious or unconscious choices weave our daily experiences    alive
                                                                       pain  or   p l e a s u r e  alive 
                                                                         suffering  or  g r a c e  alive
                                                                               war  or  p e a c e   alive
the embodied presence of our true nature  enacted or withheld 
t h e   t r u t h   s p o k e n   a n d   l i v e d - seen or silenced
mindful navigations into, through and out  of  chaos
                                                                            out  of  confusion 
                                                                                        out  of  conflict
                all possibilities of the divine brought to l i f e
            BEAUTY as TRUTH     TRUTH as BEAUTY
at the hearth of the SOUL beauty burns - waiting at reality's edge with open arms
transformed in the reverence of nature's e d e n    b i r t h e d 
transformed in the down pour of galactic fire
       BORN into the i n f i n i t e 
lotus lightening lifting love    electric enlightenment engendered

i am no longer puzzled by an   e m p t y   cipher 

star crossed transfixed illusions are seen in the light of presence 
i believed my celestial twin found - but disparaging wants have claimed him
what is the machinery of our nuptial vows
     are we creating partnerships or fueling the institutions of inheritance 
                                                                                   and programed longing
             heart e  x  p  a  n  s  i  o  n   or  entrapment
restitution's rival  r e s o u n d s  in the house of the ELOHIM elders

my liver flairs a pungent fire - DRAGON'S BREATH 

burning off the dross    lifting the veil of patterned pavlovian s l u m b e r 
i see the repeated reduction of PRIESTESS treated and perceived as whore
i see the repeated reduction of the Divine Feminine to object of sexual desire 
                                                                                                     societal slaughter 
SOPHIA'S threshold of  t r a n s f i g u r a t i o n 
                         obliterated by ignorance and petty judgement 
in believing another to be wiser -  have i shown myself  to be the FOOL
have i vigilantly tended a garden that does not grow while my own turns into a tangled wild 
                  no longer will i prostrate before the fisher king
                  no longer will i play to the  s l e e p i n g  dead  

i turn my
gaze and attention back to nature h o m e  and  h e a r t h
i look to see where my foot falls and the ground i have covered to be here
i witness my eternal brethren gathered and exalted as spirit's guardians
          here  mother gaia be praised
 c o n s c i o u s l y  choosing rooted depth over surface instant 
long enough have i measured my passage with another's stride 
i have no history to  h i d e  behind    no patriarch to p r o t e c t
freed from an invisible prison of perception's persecutions 

i   t r u s t      i   k n o w      i know i trust 

no key holder eludes me  - my belt is full 

the world i seek is everywhere around me 
tangible before my opening heart's sight
my vision lit from within penetrates a landscape once hidden now in plain view 
in the wake of independence - i was born to herald and steward a new world's birth
blessed waters of beauty hold me in a sea of magic  
a d r i f t  -  suspended in synchronicity
exploring uncharted territories in the house of the heart 
open door to the sublime 
                       the silence 
                       the stillness
a temple of meaning embodied
my imagination has triumphed into this tangible world 
i see no end to the joy that abounds 









Moon Musing Candlemas to Beltane 2013
Angele Mason


through all of my reaching  
my hands are numb
                     my heart empty 
                  my soul silent
man fails to catch sight of what is right before him
      i hide in plain view of all who know me    including myself 
to the degree that i am not seen by myself or other     i  d i s a p p e a r 
           i escape embodiment 
               EMBODIMENT   the true calling of this time
compressedbytheuniverse   r u n g  o u t  by the toil of labor 
              barbarously puppeted in the god's Theater of the Absurd 
                         america      american 
 i stock the capital making machinery of misplaced l o n g i n g
 who's sorted mysterium am i fueling if not my own
   how many worlds on how many levels am i animating 
      to the degree that i am ignored      i ignore
                                                          i s e p a r a t e
i retract

collapse into a wasteland that numbs my senses      refutes my purpose

pursued by patterned responsibility and obligation    monkey mind management

how many times and how many ways will i dissolve into desire's distractions 

before i STOP the forgetting and r e s t  in remembering 
                           ALL IS KNOWN       ALL IS GIVEN 
                           h e r e   a n d   n o w   c o m p l e t e l y
                                      r e t u r n  to gratitude
 this life a treadmill or a  s p i r a l     repeatedly i ask for SIGNS
repeated failing to acknowledge or respect this body's roadmap of distress signals  
                        the language of feelings       the conversation of sensations
                                   poised in a constant state of receptivity
 i offer myself      i  o p e n  t o  the s p a c e between
                                          wandering and wanting redemption's grace
energy not turned out into action will twist and distort within the body 
                                                                                    within the mind
                                                                                    within the spirit
men who refuse to surrender and women ruled by devotion 
               are subjugated to stories and mis-creations of love 
                                                        violations to sovereignty
                       footprints that d i s a p p e a r from the goddesses sight
                                 t h e   e a r t h ' s   b r e a t h withheld 
 i am not comforted in this landscape     i am confronted 
 b o m b a r d e d  with e l e m e n t a l  reckoning
       b e y o n d  this experienced purgatory of isolation and purification 
    i  surrender to see tantric evolution returned 
    i  surrender to see alchemical marriage restored
                            what am i doing upon this GREEN EDEN called EARTH
                                  if i am not honoring the temple i am keeper of
                              i   a m   t i r e d   a n d   i   a m  s a d d e n e d
                               i am enlivened and i am activated
                                    i  a m  a t  p e a c e  
                                                      i am at war

i know not where the goddess hides in this mechanized material machine of noise 

running through the maze of concrete i chase the moon around sky scrapers 
        wishing to be washed clean reconnected and illuminated 
                             under her potent gaze   R E N E W E D  
                  i lay down upon the EARTH - i listen

          enough wallow enough wine nothing will be gotten with a grasp

u n r e l e n t i n g FAITH calls me present to an unseen GOD 
        a pantheon of elders and pageantry of priestesses 
                                       i stand naked before you   i n v i s i b l e to man
     this demon is my destiny        WE ARE ONE        wed by more than desire 
intertwined by more than can be known before the veil that blinds in this reality 
                                messengers for transmutation 
                       warriors of the light - of the dark - of the unknown - 

                                                              the s p a c e between 

the future turned back upon itself    
the  s p a c e  between

                         b o d h i s a t t v a  b a s t  a r d s              

                         vigilant weavers of the cosmos 

                         in   t h e   s p a c e   b e t w e e n

my soul sisters see and fear for a fool in love - i am that and I AM MORE

my husband sees and fears for a dreamer surfing the  e d g e  of illusion 
                                                                          i am that and I AM MORE
my family sees intensity and complexity  -----   i am that and I AM MORE
my mother sees all possibility and averts her eyes 
                                                                          i am that and I AM MORE
my father who might have seen all did not look - i am that and I AMORE
                                                    i see paradox   i am that and i amore

                                   i am the lover and the beloved  

                                   t h e mirror and t h e reflection 
                           i   a m   l o c k       and       i   a m   k e y 
                                the being and the  N O T H I N G


i have seen the  f i n g e r s of a
dragon's fire pouring through me 
there is a coiled serpent barely contained within this form
this spine is a fluid corridor of doors and worlds to be known but not named 

i am a silent symphony waiting to be played waiting to be heard 

the music of the spheres lies hidden along the surface of my skin 
                           stirring in the marrow of my bones 
                             WHAT AM I WAITING FOR?
                                     i listen to the earth
             MOTHER give me wisdom 
                    f r e e  me from this prison of repeated forgetting

            A W A K E N E D in a verdant landscape amongst the ancient trees 
          n a t u r e    c a l l s   m e   p r e s e n t   b e f o r e   H E R  
                         i lay one with the sword of truth
                  floating on the open waters of the misted isle 
                                a l l  r e a l i t i e s  suspended 
               m y  h e a r t s  t r e a s u r e  m a p   e  r  a  s  e d 
  a wasted life of programmed longing  r e l  e a s e d 
         no want was ever meant to exceed one's capacity to have 
    there exist and eternal landscape of wholeness beyond the veil 
        ready  to be    remembered    acknowledged    and named 
golden treads braided within the cellular fiber of our beings 
                             KNOW THIS
         beyond the veil          i am not lost in my reveries 
              i am  found  met   known  and  named     
               by myself and by you who i also AM  

                i walk upon the earth and  i  LISTEN
a resonant field of harmony e m a n a t e s through all time and space  
                 b r e a t h i n g the sleeping giants awake 
            in this valley the pillars of the earth are standing tall
               r i s i n g  out of the primordial w a t e r s below 
        entraining a renewed frequency field through all dimensions  
                              a revival of eden's pleasures  


The Mother's Agenda


Volume's 1 - 13


"The World of Sri Aurobindo’s Creative Literature"


Book Review by Prof. Vasudeva T. Reddy


Did Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
foresee the future that we're now experiencing?
"God, Religion and Rites" by Aju Mukhopadhyay


An interesting perspective on
Auroville by a young resident:


Thursday, February 21st, 2013 is the 135th anniversary of the Mother's birth.



Bhumi Sukta

Rishi: Atharvan


Truth, Eternal Order that is great and stern,
Consecration, Austerity, Prayer and Ritual - these uphold the Earth.
May she, Queen of what has been and will be,
make a wide world for us. (1)

Earth which has many heights, and slopes and
the unconfined plain that bind men together,
Earth that bears plants of various healing powers,
may she spread wide for us and thrive. (2)

in which lie the sea, the river and other waters,
in which food and cornfields have come to be,
in which live all that breathes and that moves,
may she confer on us the finest of her yield. (3)

Mistress of four quarters,
in whom food and cornfields have come to be,
who bears in many form the breathing and moving life,
may she give us cattle and crops. (4)

in which men of old before us
performed their various work,
where devas overwhelmed the asuras,
the home of kine, horses, birds,
may she give us magnificence and lustre. (5)

All-sustaining, treasure-bearing,
firm staying-place, gold-breasted,
home of all moving life,
Earth bears the sacred universal fire.
May Indra and Rshhabha give us wealth. (6)

whom unsleeping devas protect for ever without erring,
may she pour on us delicious sweets,
and endow us with lustre. (7)


which at first was in the water of the ocean,
and which sages sought with wondrous powers,
whose heart was in Eternal Heaven,
wrapped in Truth,
immortal may she give us lustre
and strength in a most exalted State. (8)

in which the waters, common to all,
moving on all sides,
flow unfailing, day and night,
may she pour on us milk in many streams,
and endow us with lustre. (9)

in which the Ashvins measured out and Vishnu strode,
which Indra,
Lord of might,
made free from foes for himself,
may she pour out milk for me - a mother to her son. (10)

Pleasant be thy hills,
O Earth,
thy snow-clad mountains and thy woods!
On Earth
- brown, black, ruddy and multi - coloured -
the firm Earth protected by Indra,
on this Earth I stand, unvanquished,
unslain, unhurt.(11)

Set me,
O Earth, amidst what is thy centre and thy navel,
and vitalising forces that emanated from thy body.
Purify us from all sides.
Earth is my mother,
her son am I;
and Parjanya my,
father: may he fill us with plenty.(12)

on which they build up the altar,
and various workers spin the web of yajna,
on which are fixed the tall,
bright poles before the invocation;
may she,
prospering, make us prosper.(13)

The man,
O Earth,
who hates us, is hostile to us,
who threatens us by his thoughts and his weapons,
overwhelm him, Earth, as thou hast done before.(14)


Born of thee,
on thee move mortal creatures;
thou bearest them - the biped and the quadruped.
O Earth,
are the five races of men to whom,
the sun as he rises spreads, with his rays,
the light immortal.(15)

In concert may all creatures pour out blessings!
Endow me,
with honeyed speech.(16)

Mother of all plants,
firm Earth upheld by Eternal Law,
may she be ever beneficent and
gracious to us as we tread on her. (17)

A vast abode art thou, and mighty,
and mighty is thy speed,
thy moving and thy shaking;
and mighty Indra protects thee unerring.
May thou,
O Earth,
make us shine forth with the brightness of gold.
Let no one hate me. (18)

There lies the fire within the earth,
and in plants, and waters carry it;
the fire is in stone.
There is a fire deep within men,
a fire in the kine,
and a fire in horses: (19)

The same fire that burns in the heavens;
the mid-air belongs to this Fire Divine.
Men kindle this fire that bears the oblation
and loves the melted butter.(20)

May Earth, clad in her fiery mantle,
dark-kneed, make me aflame;
may she sharpen me bright.(21)


Earth on which they offer yajna and
oblation to devas with many decorations,
on which mortal men live by food and drink:
may she give us breath and life,
may she make us long-lived.(22)

The fragrance that rises from thee,
O Earth,
that plants and waters carry,
and is shared by Gandharvas,
by Apsarasas, make me sweet with that.
May no one hate me. (23)

The fragrance that entered the lotus,
and that the Immortals,
O Earth,
first brought at Surya's bridal,
make me sweet with that.
May no one hate me. (24)

Thy fragrance that is in men and women,
and the majesty and lustre in males,
in the hero and the steed,
in the wild beast and in the elephant,
and the radiance that is in the maiden,
unite us with these,
O Earth !
May no one hate me. (25)

Rock, soil stone and dust,
Earth is held together and bound firm.
To her my,
to gold-breasted Earth. (26)

We invoke all-supporting Earth on which trees,
lords of forests,
stand ever firm. (27)

Rising or sitting,
standing or walking,
May we,
either with our right foot or our left,
never totter on the earth. (28)


I call to Earth, the purifier,
the patient Earth,
growing strong through spiritual might.
May we recline on thee,
O Earth,
who bearest power,
our share of food and molten butter. (29)

Pure may the waters flow for our bodies' cleansing.
To those who trespass against us we offer an unpleasant welcome.
I cleanse myself,
O Earth,
with that which purifies.(30)

May those that are thy eastern regions,
and the northern,
Earth, and the southern and the western,
be pleasant for me to tread upon.
May I not stumble while I live in the world.(31)

Do not push me from the west or from the east,
or from the north or the south.
Be gracious to us,
O Earth.
Let not those find us who waylay people on the road.
Take deadly weapons far away from us. (32)

So long as I look on thee from around,
O Earth,
with the sun as friend,
So long,
as year follows year,
may not my vision fail. (33).

lying down,
O Earth,
I turn on my right side and on my left,
or when we lie straight on our ribs
against thee behind us,
be thou not unkind to us then,
O Earth,
thou who layest all to sleep. (34)

Whatever I dig from thee,
may that have quick growth again.
O purifier,
may we not injure thy vitals or thy heart. (35)


May thy summer,
and thy rains,
thy autumn,
thy dewy months,
thy winter and thy spring,
may these thy seasons,
Earth, that make the year,
and day and night pour their abundance on us. (36)

She, purifier,
who kept away from the Serpent,
and carried the fires within her waters,
having opted for Indra and not VrRtra,
drove away the God-hating Dasyus,
and held on to sakra, the strong and mighty. (37)

Earth on which the sacred seat and shed are built,
and the pole is raised ;
on which Brahmanas,
versed in yajus,
worship in rik and Saman hymns,
and priests are busy so that Indra may drink the soma juice ; (38)

On which, of old,
world-building Rishis
chanted the sacred words,
and the Seven Sages prayed in session
with sacrifice and austerity ; (39)

May that Earth grant us the wealth that we desire.
May Bhaga give the task,
and Indra come to lead the way. (40)

Earth on which men sing and dance
while uttering various words,
where people meet in battle,
the war-cry rises,
the drum sounds,
may she drive away our enemies,
may Earth make me free from foes. (41)

Earth on which grow food-grains - rice and barley,
on which live the five races of men,
our homage be to her, Parjanya's Consort,
who mellows with the rain. (42)


Earth in which are cities,
the work of devas,
and fields where men are variously employed;
Earth that bears all things in her womb,
may the Lord of Life make her graceful for us from every side. (43)

May Earth that bears treasures in secret at many places
give me her riches,
gems and gold.
May the bounteous Goddess,
giving us wealth,
give it with loving kindness. (44)

May Earth with people who speak various tongues,
and those who have various religious rites
according to their places of abode,
pour for me treasure in a thousand streams
like a constant cow that never fails. (45)

The snake,
and the scorpion with the sharp sting,
that, overpowered by the cold season,
lie bewildered in the caves,
the worm and each thing that comes to life,
O Earth,
and moves about with the coming on of rains,
may these,
creeping, near creep near us
Bless us with what is beneficent. (46)

Thy many pathways for men to travel on the roads for chariots,
and for wagons to pass through on which walk together both good and evil men,
my we be masters of those,
and drive out thief and foe. (47)

Earth bearing the weighty also bears the foolish,
and endures the death of both the good and the bad,
and, being of one accord with the boar,
she lets loose the swine to roam wildly about. (48)

Those thy forest animals,
and wild beasts of the woods -lions,
tigers, man-eaters that prowl about,
and the hyena, the wolf,
the bear with its evil ways,
and Rakshasas,
drive these out,
O Earth,
from here,
away from us. (49)


drive away from us Gandharvas,
Pishachas and all Rakshases- (50)

Earth to which the winged bipeds fly together -Swans,
eagles, and other birds of various kinds,
on which the wind blows strong,
raising the dust, beading trees,
and flame follows the blast forward and backward ; (51)

Earth in which Night and Day - the black and the bright in union -
are settled,
which is covered and canopied over by rain -
may she establish us with bliss in every dear home. (52)

Heaven, Earth and Mid-air
have given me this wide space,
And Agni,
Surya, apas and All-Gods
have together endowed me with the intellect. (53)

I am victorious,
I am called the most exalted on the earth,
a conqueror everywhere, a conqueror over everything,
I am a victor on every side. (54)

O Goddess,
proceeding forward,
and extolled by devas,
thou hadst spread thy renown,
then a great glory entered into thee,
and thou madest for thyself the four quarters. (55)

In villages, in the forest,
and in the assemblies on the earth,
in congregations and in councils,
we shall speak of thee in lovely terms.(56)

outer space earth 1920x1080 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_40

As a horse scatters dust,
so did Earth,
since she was born,
scatter the people who dwelt on the land,
and she joyously sped on,
the world's protectress,
supporter of forest trees and plants. (57)

What I speak,
I speak with sweetness;
what I look at endears itself to me;
and I am fiery and impetuous:
others who fly at me with wrath I smite down. (58)

filled with milk,
and bearing nectar in her breast,
may Earth give with the milk her blessings to me. (59)

With oblation Vishvakarman sought her
who had entered the light in the mid-air’s ocean,
And the delicious vessel hidden in mystery
became manifest for the nurture of those
who found in her their Mother. (60)

Thou art the vessel,
the Mother of the people,
the fulfiller of wishes,
far -extending,
whatever is wanting in thee is filled
by Praja
first-born of Eternal Order. (61)

May those born of thee,
O Earth,
for our welfare,
free from sickness and waste,
wakeful through a long life,
we shall become
bearers of tribute to thee. (62)


Earth, my Mother!
set me securely with bliss In full accord with Heaven.
Wise one,
Uphold me in grace and splendour. (63)


Moon Musing 1st Quarter 2013 / Epiphany - Candlemas
Angele Mason

                                                                 alone in a forrest of k a l e i d o s c o p i c emotion 
                                           resurrected chaos p u l s e s the V O I D   

                   a standing w a v e calibrates my
form    w h i s p e r s  her name renewed
                               sleek panther stalks prey   white horseman circles back 
innocent  h e a r t s  holding saturated storyline   f a c e s the facts of a farce
fabled fairy tale's facade falls     cracks reveal hall of mirrors crashing 
                  no prince 
                  no knight 
                  no king 

        no thing

in the
light of a b i r t h i n g world  a procession of Priestesses attending to the dying      
                       luminous grace g i v e n      reverent  v i g i l  received

          the PATRIARCH takes his heart and l e a v e s to the grave     his mother's bones embrace

                                                 a lineage of
Ladies  i n h e r i t  the WIND

tempest  r i s e s  to strip protective s h a d o w s off of benevolent d a r k n e s s 
exposed terrain of longing washes into the river and flows out into an ocean of tears    c l e a n s e d

 a d r i f t  on the waters of renewal  i  f l o a t  in the arms of the G O D D E S S mother to all

released of the past   released of responsibility to a name    FATHER thank you   your work is done  
         i release a legacy of obligation   i embrace free will choice      
                    i reclaim my treasures and let go this wardrobe of wounding 
                                         i receive this gift of LIFE 
                                         i receive this gift of the earth rising to meet my foot fall
                                         i receive the beloved

a new road b u i l d s  out before me     navigating my own redemption 

                                              no more to hide 

                                              no need

                   i acknowledge my worth in this world 

                   i claim the mantle of invulnerable

i am not abandoned I AM LOVE

i am not betrayed     I AM LOVE 
I am not unworthy    I AM LOVE
           i strip these p a t t e r n s of believe from the fiber of my being 
           i send a message far and wide out into the universe        I AM LOVE
           i rite a reality of realized grace and abundance in this world
                   a serpent sisterhood witnesses my exposed truth     I RISE

                 passions alchemical mandala renewed            I RISE

                 strands of clear intent held within my bones restored  

                                                                                           I RISE  

it is time to write the HOLY into form   a message of
salvation    I RECEIVE 
                                                                                                               i receive LOVE


                                                            I RECEIVE                                           
                          i receive JOY
                         I AM FREE



The Rising

We have the opportunity through what we do on earth to open up gateways to higher vibration and welcome that vibration to rain down on us, to come through us and into expression and into this world.

Here is a quote from Andrew Harvey’s book Radical Passion: Sacred Love and Wisdom in Action, which was published last year.

"In preparation for the birth of the Divine, the entire human race is now going through a global dark night, which will result in a new humanity that has been humbled and chastened by tragedy, so that it may open completely to the mystery of divine grace. This dark night cannot be bargained with, explained away, leapt over or mitigated. It is the destined crucifixion of a communal human ego now clearly revealed to be suicidal, matricidal, dangerous to itself and to the whole of creation. No one and nothing will stop Kali dancing Her terrible dance of destruction and re-creation. There will be no resurrection of an embodied divine humanity without a systematic, perfectly organized, brutally complete crucifixion of everything in us that keeps us addicted to the systems of illusion that are now rapidly destroying everything."

David Karchere



I am posting this poem again for the New Year, the last one of the passing year, with best wishes to all.

Our True Identity

Why This institution, This ideology, This way of doing things

And not That Other, That Power, That One

Which can never fit into the limits of the little that is known?

Though ever the Same and forever free, the essence of stability,

It generates every difference, it appears in every form,

It is the center and the base and the self of everything that is born.

It is this that is covered when we assert our independence,

It is this that we murder when we dominate and destroy,

It is this that we mean to discover and express and preserve and enjoy.

In the next generation, in the cycle that is coming

When we grow beyond the mind and the ego's limitations,

When we stand within the circle of its infinite emanations

And we feel the intensity of its all-encompassing vibrations

We shall be filled with the energy of the one divine embrace,

We shall behold this radiant Being, in every soul, on every face.

Rod Hemsell



The New Creation

from Savitri, III.3

A new and marvellous creation rose.
Incalculable outflowing infinitudes
Laughing out an unmeasured happiness
Lived their innumerable unity;
Worlds where the being is unbound and wide
Bodied unthinkably the egoless Self;
Rapture of beatific energies
Joined Time to the Timeless, poles of a single joy;
White vasts were seen where all is wrapped in all.
There were no contraries, no sundered parts,
All by spiritual links were joined to all
And bound indissolubly to the One:
Each was unique, but took all lives as his own,
And, following out these tones of the Infinite,
Recognised in himself the universe.
A splendid centre of infinity’s whirl
Pushed to its zenith’s height, its last expanse,
Felt the divinity of its own self-bliss
Repeated in its numberless other selves:
It took up tirelessly into its scope
Persons and figures of the Impersonal,
As if prolonging in a ceaseless count,
In a rapturous multiplication’s sum,
The recurring decimals of eternity.
None was apart, none lived for himself alone,
Each lived for God in him and God in all,
Each soleness inexpressibly held the whole.
There Oneness was not tied to monotone;
It showed a thousand aspects of itself,
Its calm immutable stability
Upbore on a changeless ground for ever safe,
Compelled to a spontaneous servitude,
The ever-changing incalculable steps,
The seeming-reckless dance’s subtle plan
Of immense world-forces in their perfect play.
Appearance looked back to its hidden truth
And made of difference oneness’ smiling play;
It made all persons fractions of the Unique,
Yet all were being’s secret integers.
All struggle was turned to a sweet strife of love
In the harmonised circle of a sure embrace.
Identity’s reconciling happiness gave
A rich security to difference.
On a meeting line of hazardous extremes
The game of games was played to its breaking-point,
Where through self-finding by divine self-loss
There leaps out unity’s supreme delight
Whose blissful undivided sweetness feels
A communality of the Absolute.

posted by Rod Hemsell
December 25, 2012



Sri Aurobindo's Symbol

Sri Aurobindo's symbol is a world in itself, the more you dwell in it the more it reveals; it is at once a symbol and dynamic power in action. It is not enough that the symbol is intellectually understood, it has to be lived, it has to be brought to one's life and physical movements. This short film is a non verbal meditation upon the symbol of Sri Aurobindo following the trails of past iconic language. The film depicts the play of duality in oneness starting with ascending and descending triangles moving into conics of their play and the birth of earth as wave particle in their intersection in the ocean of nāda rippling out from nādabindu which is also the sun centre. This wave particle and nādabindu are at once yoni circling the lingam and the play of yin and yang of Chinese symbolism. This play in life, the games we play are nothing but cosmic symbols and forces at play. Behind the multitude are the two original principles, the Purusha and Prakriti, Being and Becoming, Awareness and Force, Soul and Nature, Spirit and Matter coming to terms with each other in a perfect union as ardhanārishwara who's heart is the ascending flame calling in the descending powers elaborating into flowering of Sri Chakra in the dance of Nataraja, the lord of dance, leading to the measure of man as seen by Leonardo da Vinci.

Sri Aurobindo's Symbol


moon musing - last quarter 2012
angele mason

           WASHED in the glow of a  b i r t h i n g  day     
                                       the chilling fingers of a dark night  r e c e d e 
 the  m u s i c  of the landscape has changed  
                          the winged ones of remembrance are in  m o t i o n  once more
           s l e e p i n g  giants  a r e  s t i r r i n g 
      a  s i l e n t  cry pierces the sky and descends into the depths of EARTH'S embrace

            WHO IS LISTENING     w h o   i s   i n c u b a t i n g  
j o y 

reverberating chaos of a mechanized mind that has eviscerated my heart
  s u r r e n d e r s
           another sheath f a l l s  resistance r e l e a s e s  reality r e c a l c u l a t e s
                                     a resonance field rising in HER name  breathes me
the wind takes the last of the leaves to the ground    
            the garden  t u r n s  in upon itself    d e a d  to the shallow sighted 

awall of patterned ignorance and persistent  l o n g i n g 
 i turn my gaze away from what glitters towards a growing l i g h t  building  w i t h i n 

 a resonance field rising in HER name breathes me
        this  HEART is not broken rather it is cracked open into e  x  p  a  n  s  i  o  n
                            a vibrant portal to the infinite plane
           there is a FIRE burning in my soul  pulsed with the heat of an uncontained blaze 
                 i dance on the edge in the arms of the  o u t s t r e t c h e d FLAMES 
peeling out of habituated perceptions   diving into a molten honeyed r e n e w a l

         i offer the stories,beliefs and attachments that have enslaved my
         i offer all of the negations and resistance that have defined and defiled HER name
         i offer my gratitude - prayers for eminent liberation and embodied KNOWING
                             i   a m   m y   c a p t o r   n o   m o r e
                              i  h e a r  a  song  e c h o s through the r i s i n g smoke 
transparent vulnerability now harvest new f r e q u e n c i e s  of LIGHT 
                                                 scintillating rays of an internal SUN radiate through
                    a resonance field rising in her name  breathes me

                                     the TREES
answer my call  - we are here witnessing
                                     the MOUNTAINS are listening  - steady guardians standing tall 
                                     the ROCKS are anchoring remembrance - grounding presence 
                                     the ANGELS return to assure what will be what is what has always been 
                                     the MOTHER calls  - sleeping giants wake
                                  THIS EARTH KNOWS    
          LOVE IS INCLUSIVE and that is all 

                          i open my hands  
                                  ONLY LOVE 
                          i let everything go 
                           LOVE ONLY 
 bathed in an energetic symphony of allowance  
                  I   A M   L I S T E N I N G



So this is where philosophy begins…
Where the spirals of the shell of time solidify,
And beliefs and institutions crucify life,
And right and duty are the slaves of authority.
Then, within this carapace of night
A  light begins to shine, a radiant pulsation
Spreads within and illuminates the darkness.
Then, slowly, truth and beauty awaken again.
Thought and inspiration raise their heads
And stretch their arms and open the gates
Of this necessary prison; like the poison in Socrates’ drink
That spreads within his veins, the power of thought
Explodes the prison walls, empowering Plato to think.
In the cave of shadows some will see, some discover the luminous key.
Rod 10/2012


moon musing
angele mason

are you allowing love          a mirror
are you following joy           a kiss
are your senses open         a declaration  
is your witness watching     a promise 

synchronistic signs of remembrance surround      
a sun 

is your heart receptive and receiving                    
 a question 
is your mind silent and surrendering                       the answer

will you stand at the threshold of a divine enfolding and release the barriers you have built against it    
a request

do you see your perfect eden embodied all around you                               
a vision 
do you feel the hands of these words leaning in to press against you          a desire

how shall we come to trust the beloved once more 
how shall we live these lives of presence awakening within us     
 in silence 
              i listen                                                          the birds are speaking 
              i hear                                                             the trees are singing 
              i embrace                                      radiant songs of life being lived
 feast at my table upon fruits raised within my garden's walls                      i offer

in her name the questions are asked 

in her name i answer the call     


Lammas - angel mason



How silent can the space between us be

and yet sometimes a surge of cosmic feeling

seems to consume the empty space with fire

and the face, the form appear of a bare

unspoken longing and an open free expression

of desire, to be one and consume in one embrace

the distance, the loneliness, the absurdity of repression.

Then, just as suddenly the illusion of that passion

is unmasked and rejected by another apparition

as the inner being projects itself in joyful light

across the timeless spaceless reality of the whole,

and in that instant we stand together in the unity of the soul.

When that energy begins to flow, so peaceful and complete,

filling us with its luminous presence, dissolving every difference,

in its smile of joyful recognition all questions drop,

who we are and why we came are known forever;

the divine grace illumines us; this is the truth we share.

How stale the being that was could be, before this change,

stuck between the limits of inner experience, outer convention,

waiting for catastrophe perhaps, waiting for the end of illusion;

until the lightning storm of inspiration comes rushing in

and the soul borne upward by a surge of spiritual force

bursts through its cloud of desperation, transformed by fire

into radiant light, drenched by the rain of sweetness and delight,

swelling outward in waves of sympathy, in tendrils of compassion,

spreading a fearless freedom, an unlimited energy over life.

The forces of resistance, obstruction, and denial cannot stand;

the beings of the higher realms must come down;

our minds and bodies, prepared by fire and light, must greet them

with a calm and steady gaze, an open heart, a willing and happy self-giving.

Through us they shall purify the past, and recover from oblivion what was lost,

they shall liberate the present from its shadows, releasing worlds of truth new-born;

they shall loose the bonds, break the chains, reveal the shining pathways of the future.

Until then let us stand in the stillness and the void,

heads bowed before the emptiness, in an absoluteness of being,

in an utter concentration of self-giving, on a pyre of flaming light,

burning our offering of self, in a sacrifice of perfect consecration

to the fire, seeing ourselves consumed by the radiance, transparent, peaceful, free.

Rod Hemsell


Grihastha (The Music of Life)

Worlds of truth, beauty, power, and delight
Are there; and their opposites.

The path of language is an endless pilgrimage
Winding and unwinding without recourse

The spiral of discourse to discover rapture
In the recursive measure and release the captive, pleasure

Bursting through the tangle of meaning
Into the sunlight, singing and seeing.

To preserve a certain intensity of expression
This “Rational behavior” is the transfer of energy

In every movement of every living thing
Evaluating itself and its environment

Giving it information about itself, making it
Conscious of the unfolding of itself in time.

The mystical inclination is to recognize
That the purpose of existence is this

Singing back-up with itself, seeing unity in every difference
Repetition of the same in every joyful gain and every painful loss

The expression of the unity of being through song
In the outpouring of meaning is the music of Life.

The world revolves
The sun stands still
The moon waxes and it wanes
The tides rise and fall
Beautiful new-born life arrives
Grand old death departs
A little girl giggles, a little boy cries
Joys and griefs, pains and pleasures
Beginnings and endings, ups and downs…

Forever go the twain –
The dualities of existence never ending –
Until, in an unexpected moment, silent and magical
Enlightenment, realization,
One bursts like a star into boundlessness
Beyond the divided highway
Into the open space of oneness
In the hushed silence and vastness
Of the universal cosmic transcendent Absolute

A shared aspiration
A continual inspiration
A source of frustration !

Our shared strength
Helps us appreciate our weakness
Our singular, oceanic heart
Welcomes all rivers

Patience is needed to tame our wildness
The reward is learning how to see
The rapture and agony are one and the same

Growing up sometimes looks like growing down
In the mirror of his eyes I grow wings
And I dive deep down
Rooting down in the soil of our shared heart
Into the sacred darkness, infinite mystery
Unfolding work of art, crazy perseverance
Absolute daring to sprout into the light
Blossom in worlds of bliss, love a delight
Rooted in our shared aspiration
Surrendering and flowering in the Beloved

Finding the rhythm
Companionship and trust

Love and sacrifice
Jealousy, happiness, sadness,
Pleasure, pain, passion, devotion
Nothing can compare to this
Emotional roller coaster of love

From brahmacharya, grihastha grows
But without brahmacharya, grihastha cannot be.
The meaning of grihastha in this world
Is the evolution from the spirit;
Without this, vanaprastha cannot be.
Therefore we perceive
The meaning of grihastha in our life
Is sannyasa – no doubt about it.
Grihastha in life is our sannyasa.

Unity in life, like a song
Soothing to the ears
Truth in living

Every step one takes
Is an experience to share
Knowledge is humility

The end of every situation:
Happiness should prevail
Let there be progress continuously

And in the end there will always be time
For me and family to live the life
We all desire, in laughter kindled
By the fire of a love
Born of a soul that makes us one
Part of the whole family of man and god,
Surrendered, laying down the sword

(Rod and friends, birthday poem, Oct 16, 2011)